The main objective of Language Laboratory is to develop an effective verbal and written communication skill among the students. A Language Lab creates a learning environment much more effective than the traditional classrooms. A Language Laboratory encourages the participation & integration of the students in the different exercises. It is a technology specially designed for education that promotes high motivation to students, since they work with special equipment for language learning. There is a greater involvement of students in a participatory environment.

In addition the technology of a language laboratory offers great advantages to both teachers & students. Both can access the new information & communication technologies quickly & easily.

Digital Language Laboratories are much more than a tool for training & listening discursive language, they are places to study & experiment with real samples of learning languages.


Various activities & programmes will be conducted in the Language Laboratory for the student is as follows


Listening is a key to all effective communication. Effective listening is a skill that underpins all positive human relationships. In fact they are the building blocks of success. Under listening skills various language software videos will be shown based on grammar parts of various topics. Vocabulary development skills videos also will be shown to the students to improve their vocabulary. Addition phonetics & proper accent pronunciation videos will be shown to the students in order to develop their accent properly.


Various topics will be given to the students to present it in an effective way. Activities like “Debates” will be conducted to the students in order to improve their writing communication skills.


Writing is a special element which makes the one to a comfortable zone in expressing the ideas, opinions & comments/previews in a better way. Essay competitions will be conducted frequently to the students in order to develop their writing communication skills. Descriptive writing also will be given on various tasks.